Wild Young Minds: My last day as a 15-year old

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My last day as a 15-year old

One more day!
At the end of a year, I want to think about all good things that happened last year.
So, here they are:
- Mentally and physically feeling better ;)- Made lots of new friends
- Went to Greece, summerlovin'!
- Went to see Alicia Keys, Joss Stone, Jason Mraz and The Noisettes.- Berlin.
- Carnavallll
- Started my blog, before I forget!
- Found two jobs.
- Became champion with soccer.
- Became crazier than I ever was.
- Did some things people wouldn't expect of me.
- Watched a lot of Gossip Girl, fell in love with Chuck and adored the clothes and the city and the style.- Have fall even more in love with New York, Paris, London, Barcelona and South-Africa.
- Have eaten too many tosti's, cake and chocolate sprinkles than good for a person.
- Did fantastic shoots and have been asked for Benelux' Next Topmodel.
- Started my scrapbook, inspired by too many ELLE's and Glamour's in my closet.
- Went shopping, like every week or two times a week xD- Have bought a new I-pod classic, mobile phone and LP-player.
- And more than fifty LP's.
- Feelinggggggggggggggggg good, better than any year before.
And I'm sure sixteen will be an even better year, because I'm allowed to go out, drink, drive a scooter (not that I want to) and outrage myself. It's my life and it's now or never, I ain't gonna live forever.

Lots of Love, Bente

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