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Monday, May 17, 2010

Silence of Art

You'll probably know I've shooted with Marlou a few times.
Well, yesterday I did a shoot for Annemiek, an other friend, who's doing her admission for the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI). She has a lot of paintings, which she wanted Marlou to photographe, but on an original way.So she thought about making pictures on the water, with a model who could hold her paintings and do abstract poses. And they thought about me, immediately. So I was very honoured! And I loved to do it. So yesterday Annemiek and I drove to Marlou's house and we went to this small place near her house. A lake and trees and cane were the ingredients for the pictures.
They did my make-up, especially the mouth is really cute, I think!And I had to wear an entire black outfit, black panties, a black bodysuit and black panties on my head. Really funny when you think of it (more something you do as a little child) but the result looks fabulous!
It was amazing to do! Standing on a beer crate with paintings in your hand on the water, never thought I would ever do that!The weather was absolutely amazing, by the way. It was very sunny, the strong wind was less nice, it made it very hard to stand on the crate with one leg and not fall in the water.
But thank god, I didn't!

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