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Sunday, June 6, 2010


Hi everyone!

I'm feeling bloody nauseuous, my stomach hurts and I'm deadly tired.
Not very weird as you think I've only slept for 2 hours this night, regained three hours this afternoon, so that does help a little. Yesterday I worked 11 hours, with only half an hour break, and the weather here was like the hottest it can get in Holland (27 degrees) so I was sweating my damn shirt all over.
And then I decided to go out with a friend and it was very nice!
We had a few drinks (as Charlotte in SATC 2, she's sooooo funny when she keeps repeating 'Well, I don't know... I don't know', but that has nothing to do with the story I was telling of course) and when we went to sleep it was almost light and the birds (I love birds, they're amazing, but this ones....) couldn't keep their stupid beaks shut. So I woke up feeling horrible. By the way, I was also already having a cold. I'm just gonna stay in my house and watch some America's Next Topmodel, read some books or work on my scrapbook.

Bye bye, lovers!

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