Wild Young Minds: HKU Fashion Show 16 june 2010

Thursday, June 17, 2010

HKU Fashion Show 16 june 2010

Hallelujah, it was amazing.
Let me start at the beginning.
I arrived at the 'Winkel van Sinkel' (a giant club/store in Utrecht) at 9 o'clock in the morning. The shows were at 5, 7 and 9 PM, so that's a model's life: waiting, waiting and waiting. There were about a hundred models for about 16 designers. Our group had seven models: Chloe, Carmen, Elselijn, Nienke, Charlotte, Aaltje and me. They were very nice! We sat outside in the sun for a few hours untill we had to go to make-up and hair. I believe we sat for an hour in the make-up, they made our faces very heavy and dark with purple and pink eyeshadow. They used everything you can imagine: eyeliner, mascara, fake eyelashes, eyeliner for our eyebrows (so they were very thick and black, and mine already are :O) then they did our hair. My hairdresser was head of the crew, he was so extreminely gay but so incredibly funny! They curled our hair in these tiny curls, we had to leave the curlers in for the entire day untill half an hour for the first show, so my head bearly jumped out of my.. o wait, head, because they were so tight. Around 4.30 they took them off and they started backcombing our hair, so eventually, we had this big afro a la Diana Ross. One girl had short hair and they did curl her hair so she actually looked like Michael Jackson! It was wicked :)

Around 1 o'clock we had to do the rehearsal and the women who took care of the timing was very cranky and stressed, so she made me even more nervous! I kept walking too fast or too slow. Everybody did, though.
Around 4 o'clock was the general repition, it had to be around 3 o'clock but everything took a little longer than expected. It went okay, we had to stand in the line-up with all the models. We (by we I mean me and the six other models who walked for Mariko and Suzanna) had to walk two times. It was very exciting!
The shows went really good! We had to hurry up in between the show of Suzanna and the show of Mariko, but everything went absolutely fine. Although during the first show Nienke slipped and her heels fell of, but she walked straight on and I believe everyone in the audience thought it was part of the show. After Mariko's show we got a big big applause and cheers! I got to walk the finale three times together with Suzanna, the designer. Like you always see in magazines, the designer hand in hand with one model. I was really honored. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!
You have no idea which reservations I saw on the seets in the audience. Viktor & Rolf, atelier (though nobody even showed up), people from ELLE, Kim Lee from Gsus, Milou van Rossum of the Volkskrant, the NRC Next, it was awesome!
When the show finished I had to hurry up for my train, but the travelling costs needed taken care of, so me and another model, had to wait. And when we finally could go, we had to hurry. We ran all the way to the station, through Hoog Catharijne, with giant afro's and make-up, me on bare foot (cause I couldn't stand my sandals anymore) and we were like whatever, we don't know anyone (well I actually did know some girl, but we didn't recognize each other completely hihi). And when I was in the train, I found out I forgot my jacket! I left it backstage. And ten minutes later I found out my keys were in the pocket of my jacket! O no.... Typically me. So freaking stupid. I hope Mariko can find it tomorrow, so I can pick it up, but otherwise I'm screwed.. I have my back-up keys, but still.
O yeah, one other thing. I'd like to pronounce that not everything you hear about models is true ;) They do eat. We had some delicious sandwiches between the shows, salmon and herb cheese and ham.
O and some models were wearing giant heels, which I had to try on during the casting too, but I didn't walk for that designer eventually, and they fell two times on stage. Everybody was shocked, the music stopped. That must've been horrible for those girls. But everybody clapped their hands, so the show was saved.
It really was an amazing experience, and I hope I'll get another one too soon!

Lots of love, xxxx

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