Wild Young Minds: SEX & THE CITY 2

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I've seen the most talked-about movie of the year yesterday evening, Sex & the City 2.

Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda are back in town! And how? With lots of men trouble, nanny trouble, clothes and glamour as always! Except for the nanny problems, of course. Cause that kind of trouble is typical for married wives and that's what they (except for sexbomb Samantha) are. Carrie is having some issues with Big and they are thinking about a two days off relationship.

And to test it, let's try some Abu Dhabi! Middle East replaces Uptown New York and the luxury is even more luxurous.
I couldn't believe the beauty I saw!
And of course humour is also in town, especially Charlotte I find very funny.
SATC part 2 is less good than part 1 and nothing compared to the show, but it's just fun! I love the girls, the city, the glamour and the good feeling you get afterwards the film.
IMDB rated it a 3.4 (a horrible rate) but I don't care.
Carrie Bradshaw and her girls amused me for the 2,5 hours.

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