Wild Young Minds: I cannot believe PVV and VVD won the elections

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I cannot believe PVV and VVD won the elections

Yesterday were the elections in the Netherlands.
Until this year it didn't bother me at all, I wasn't following anything at all.
Maybe it's because I recently read the newspaper (I know, isn't that amazing! well, I should if I want to become a journalist) or because I'm very concerned about what's happening to the politics right now.
I'm not gonna write 5 pages about my opinion about all these things, because I'm just not feeling like that, BUT I'll tell you quickly what happened in the Netherlands.

Well, we have the left parties and the right parties.
The right parties are more liberal and the left more social (they want good things for everyone in the country, not just for the rich people and the people who already have it good). Our minister-president Balkenende has left the building, finally! I was so sick people from outside the Netherlands were saying 'Yeaaaah, I know him, he's that gut that looks like Harry Potter!' Well yes he does. But I don't want him to be the symbol of the Netherlands. Naha. I do have a little bit of feeling for our country (though I can't wait to leave it!)

Anyway, the party of Balkenende failed extremely. The VVD (a liberal party, who promises to do something about the economical crisis, yeah right, by giving the rich people even more money and the poor and middle-class people nothing, sure) has won incredibly much votes. Just as the PVV, the worst party in the Netherlands. Sorry, but how stupid are those people who vote for the PVV? They really know nothing about politics! The PVV (Party of Freedom, I know, I love freedom, but freedom doesn't mean throwing all moslims and people born outside our country out of here, it means being free to be yourself, stand for what you believe in, be different as everybody else) I don't want everybody to be this typical Dutch person, I want a multicultural society. And the PVV wants to build more highways, doesn't want to stop the breeding establishemts, nuclear centrals and maybe the most important thing for me: the PVV wants to abrogate the culture schools, like the HKU, AMFI, Sint Lucas. Any school where you can study for photography, fashion, film, etc, etc. Why would you want to destroy a country's culture? Let's throw everybody's creativity away and make it a stupid, boring country. Explain that to me, Wilders!

So if I were eighteen I would've voted for GroenLinks or D66, they know what they're talking about. That's my opinion.

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