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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hi there!

Sorry for not posting that much recently, but I've been very very busy.
But... this is something I really need to tell you: My jacket is found! And my keys (:
I'm so happy! Mariko asked the 'Winkel van Sinkel' and they didn't find it and then she asked all her classmates and they didn't see it either, so I've given up the hope already actually.. but yesterday she called and she found my jacket between the lost properties. I'm picking it up at the station saturday.

And it's going to be fantastic weather this weekend, which makes me really happy!
When school's finished it's perfect, but up till then, work work work
Though I'll blog about Mundial later this day, 'cause I've fucking seen Pharrell, and I'm kinda in love right now (:

Ciaooo! xx Bente

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