Wild Young Minds: Test Week

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Test Week

God I've been so incredibly busy lately. On this moment, I've finished all the projects and presentations for school, so now the test week starts. I've got seven tests to go, which means STUDY STUDY STUDY
blugh, I really really really hate it.
thank god, sunday is a day off, cause I'm going to the sauna with my mom! She gave it to me for my b'day, a pedicure, facial and massage. I think I'mma need that in the middle of my test week! In one week I've got vacation, can't wait (: the first thing I'm gonna do is drink a cocktail in the city (hihi, that's what we always say when we mean Den Bosch, 'de stad' translated 'the city', but when I hear it, I'll think about New York or London or so you know, definitely NOT Den Bosch) but whatever, I can't wait till final freedom. Until that, I'll be working hard, and then I mean really hard.
Wish me g'luck!


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