Wild Young Minds: N.E.R.D. ROCKS MUNDIAL!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


She wants to move. She wants to move. And she did, yeaah she did!
Saturday I went to Mundial with Ramai.
I did the stupidest thing you can imagine when going to a festival. What did I do? I forgot the tickets! Left them at home... Thank god I found out at the station in Den Bosch, so we didn't had a huge problem. I just had to go ride home and back to the station. When we arrived at Mundial I immediatelly liked the atmosphere.

I bumped into a girl from school, who was handing out some leaflets about 'Edukans', a charity. We walked around the park (it was in Tilburg) and when we arrived at the 'Because I'm a girl' stage, where two persons with afros were getting ready for their perfomance. They were called 'Please' and they had won the 'The Next Big Band' contest. They were very good! The leadsinger was a boy from around 20 years old, he showed us some hiphop and the other person was a girl (it was so funny, we actually thought it was a boy! she didn't wear any make-up and she wore oversized clothes) who sang beautifully.

When that show was over, we saw some African groups and we put our signature against Shell (long story and not very interesting), we saw all the little shops and we bought some Thais Food.

Although, I did, Ramai bought dutch Frites (:
And then it was already evening. Around 10 minutes before 10, N.E.R.D. arrived on stage. We were standing next to the stage. Pharrell was amazing! God, he's attractive. He was wearing Ray-Bans, a white shirt and blue jeans, which he took out during the show. Mjamm. I made a lot of photos but nearly all of them failed, because everybody was jumping and I couldn't find any rest to take a picture. One moment Pharrell wanted to see at least 20 people crowdsurfing before he would start a song. And of course 20 people crowdsurfed. It lasted till 11 o'clock and then we went home by bus, by train and by bike. It was pretty damn nice!

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