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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fitting HKU

'Walk Walk Fashion Baby...'
Yesterday I had the fitting and rehearsal of the fashion show of the HKU in Utrecht.
We had to be there at 7 PM and we were finished at 10 PM, it was really nice!
At first I was a bit nervous because I had never walked a runway before and there were professional models there. I had to remind myself to look straight forward, because I keeped looking down to focus on the choreography. I'm walking for two designers: Suzanna and Mariko. For Suzanna's show we (me and six other models) have to walk straight on till the end of the catwalk, then go back halfway and make a sort of an angle. I have to wear a really long and wide dress, it's pink with orange. Her entire collection is that style, pink, orange, brown, yellow. We have to walk very slow and that isn't easy when you're wearing gigantic heels! O and one thing was very funny, although, it was funny aferwards. When I arrived at the HKU I had to try on my shoes (size 42) but the shoe I was trying on didn't fit. It looked like three sizes smaller than my foot actually are... So I said: 'I'm sorry, but there's no way I'm fitting in these shoes'. And they said: 'Oh no, you have to, it are the only big sizes we got'. So I waited a few minutes because my feet were also swollen because it was so hot. And then I tried the other one and that one fitted amazing! So they grabbed the wrong one, the first shoe I was trying on was size 39. So stupid...

The second show we practiced was Marriko's. I've got to open and nearly close the show, so cool! I have to wear a sort of pants with lots of wire so you'll see my legs but it's still a pants. And a lace top with pearls. And then a woolen vest. It's very innovative, I love it!
It was a lot of fun (and very useful) practing the show but after three hours I was very happy to take off my heels. Wow, couldn't remember the relieved feeling of standing on your flat foots again.
Tomorrow is the show, I'm really looking forward to it! I'll post all photos here (:

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