Wild Young Minds: Tonight

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Happy B'day to my dear friend, Charlotte! She's already 17 (:
Looking forward to her birthday tonight with lots of food, drinks and football, the Netherlands - Cameroon.

Oooh by the way, England and the USA both made it to the eight finals! I'm happy for England cause I'm going there next month and they deserve it. I believe they haven't won the world championship since 1966 or so. And the USA, well that's just the USA, you know ;)
I don't want Brasil, Argentina or Germany to win the competition, because the first two have won too many already and everybody thinks they'll win so it would be nice if they wouldn't. And Germany is the enemy of Holland in football, so that's why. Moreover, I'm joining the poule for the world championship, but I'm not doing so well hihi! It'd be very odd if I'd win it!

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