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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Benelux' Next Topmodel

O My God, I've been invited for Benelux' Next Topmodel!!
I'd almost forgotten it, but a month ago I've sent some photos to Benelux' Next Topmodel.

And today, while I was busy organizing the sport day of the first class' children at my school, this woman called me.
She said: 'Hi Bente, this is Heleen from Benelux' Next Topmodel. I've received your inscription and I'd like to invite you to our screening in Aalsmeer. Can you call me back?' It was my voicemail, in case you wondered ;)

OOOOOOOOOOOOOMG, all my friends went crazy!

But there's one Huge Big Giant problem,
I've got to be available from Juni 7 to July 7.
And I still need to go to school.
So school probably doesn't approve it.
And my parents think I'm just a year too young (I'm almost sixteen)
So man, that sucks!

But I can see it as an amazing compliment, I mean, those people really know what they're talking about.

Not sure what to do, but I'll keep you informed!

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