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Monday, April 19, 2010

I've had a new experience

Yesterday, I went to the concert of Within Temptation with two friends.
One is totally into the group and he had an extra ticket, so I decided to join him! ;)
I didn't really expect a lot of it, because I can asure you, it's definitely not my kind of music.
I like lots of styles, soul, R&B, pop, gospel, hiphop, jazz, rock, indie, etc, but gothic and dark rock is not my style.
But I'm always in for something new and besides, it was an acoustic tour, which would make it a lot lighter, so yes, I went.

When we arrived in the Theatre, there were all different sorts of people. A lot of gothic people, of course, but also old couples (who I would expect more with a classical concert or something like that), but all ages and well not all styles, I mean, we didn't totally belong among the dark dressed people, but not all gothics.

I actually enjoyed it. Sharon (the lead singer) sings amazing, so powerful. I liked the acoustic songs best, sometimes they went very dark and that didn't attract me at all! People were all waving with their hands, and I didn't feel the urge to do it too, because it would be very fake to me, not my style hihi.But I'm glad I went, have had a new experience and Sharon can sing amazingly. But no dark clothes and dark thoughts, for me. I'll stay with the lazy, crazy summer days of Joss Stone, Alicia Keys and Michael Jackson :)

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