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Friday, April 2, 2010

A Single Man

Wednesday evening I went to 'A Single Man'.
Wonderful movie!
The movie sets in 1962, during the Cuba crisis. It's about a man (Colin Firth), who's younger boyfriend (yes, he's gay) recently died because of a car accident. He can't get over it. One day, he decides he wants to change his life. He takes his gun with him to school, where he teaches, with the intention to kill hisself. But then, all sort of things come on his way, like one of his students who's very worried about him and his best friend (Julianne Moore). She's his ex-girlfriend (so he dated women in the past, but he's only fall in love with guys) and she still has feelings for him. During that day he finds the meaning of his life. Wonderful movie.It's been directed by Tom Ford, main designer of Gucci. The film is very extraordinary, it's not a movie you see a lot. Which makes it even better, I guess.
Well, you should really see it! Makes you think about life ;)

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