Wild Young Minds: Sonia Rykiel

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sonia Rykiel

Last week I saw the documentary: The day before Rykiel on television.
It was about 20 novembre (or the day before, which would be 19 novembre) 2008, when Sonia Rykiel celebrated the 40th year anniversary of her fashion brand and her daughter Natalie Rykiel (who's also very important for fashion) had also become 40.
A big day, so lots of stress and worryings!It was awesome to see how those things go behind the scenes, backstage.
It's not as easy as it may look like, it's hard working in fashion!
But the resultat was phenomenal, it was definitely a big party!

Sonia Rykiel is over 80 years old, and she may look a bit scary, but in the documentary she seemed like an amazing woman. Nice, hard working, caring and humorous.Her collection for H&M (with all the stripes, pulls and yellow and white) didn't really attract me. A bit too sweet, I guess.What I really like about Rykiel is the image, the big red hair and the knitting.
Though she said in the documentary she is really bad at knitting!
The models backstage, big wavy hair, big sunglasses and berets.
Amazing atmosphere!

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