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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

North Sea Jazz '10

Hallelujah, I'm going to the North Sea Jazz Festival next july!
I actually know it for quite a long time now, but I totally forgot to mention it on my blog. How could I?My dad gave it to me as a present last year, one day enjoying the jazz, soul and bluesmusic (North Sea Jazz has more than just jazz) and the most incredible artists.
God, I love the festival feeling.And I love jazz, soul and blues.
I'm going one day with my dad and I really wanted to go another day. Of course I wanted to go all three days, but that costs a lot of money, not only for the tickets but also for the train and hotel and food and all those things, despite the fact that my parents wouldn't allow me (what the hell, why not?) Anyway, I'm going a second day with a friend and we're gonna see.... tadamtadam:
Norah Jones, Corinne Bailey Rae, Joss Stone (I've seen her once, but couldn't care less to see her another time!), Ryan Shaw, Earth, Wind and Fire, Caro Emerald, Damien Marley, Nas and many, many more.

And that's not all, the complet program is published in April, so it's gonna be two damn awesome days! In special, I'm looking forward to the first three names.Norah Jones for her lazy, jazz songs, Joss Stone for her upbeat soul vibe and Corinne because I don't really know her (only 'Put your Records on) but.. due to her I've got my blog name ('Paris Nights and New York Mornings')

Other big names who have been to North Sea, are Alicia Keys, Amy Winehouse, James Brown, Al Greene, India.Arie, etc, etc.
I'll show you all the pictures!

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