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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Diamonds are a girl's best friend

Yesterday I went to Matzer Marilyn Monroe, a play about the life of the legendary Miss. Monroe. Three women played in it. One really was Marilyn Monroe, and the other two were her conscience.

It was a bit vague and confusing, actually. It began with her marriage with one man, and then she was dead, and then it was 1960 again and then she talked about her childhood. The show was mostly filled with monologues about insecurity and the meaning of life. It was interesting, but it wasn't spectacular.

The lead actrice was very good, she played very enjoyable. There were two men, they played the parts of all the men in Marilyn's life, among others John F. Kenndy ('Happy Birthday, Mr. President'). One guy could sing very well.
I don't regret it that I bought tickets for the show, because I know a lot more about Marilyn's life, who she really was. She wasn't just a sex-symbol, she was a real woman, someone who had her issues and insecurities and doubts. She really was a fascinating person. Though this show wasn't the best, I'm dying to see a view of her movies, like 'Some like it hot' or 'Something's Got to Give'. Marilyn Monroe, or Norma Dean as her real name is, was a legend.

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