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Sunday, May 15, 2011

B'DAY Friday the Thirteenth

It's so typical that I was born on Friday the 13th. But thank god I don't believe in bad luck. This year my birthday was also on a Friday. My life has been pretty good so far, so maybe the bad luck will happen sometime in the future but I think superstition is just stupid. Stevie Wonder's number isn't of course.

You may have seen the photo of Stevie Wonder in my next post. Why a photo of Stevie Wonder in combination with my birthday? Let me tell you! Firstly, he's birthday is 13 may as well (: And I saw him last year, I really love him and his music. Can't stop listening to it. So I played the record 'Hotter than July' in the morning, I especially enjoyed 'Happy Birthday - a dedication to Martin Luther King Jr.'

But while I was listening this song, I hadn't noticed some noise in the living room. My dad came up and asked me for my camera. I was like 'Uh yeah, whatever, here you go'. And then he said: 'Can you come downstairs as well?' So I was like: 'Noooooo, I'm in a hurry, I'm already running late for school and I have to pack my stuff and and.. you know, the usual stress ;) But of course my curiosity won and I saw three of my friends standing there with a birthday cake in their hands full of lights. How sweet! I even managed to blow all the candles at once (I usually suck at these kind of things!)

I had to go to school until 3 o'clock (my longest day), but then I went to the city with another friend to eat some carrot cake and drink a cappuccino. Unfortunately, the menu card said the carrot cake was with walnuts and raisins, so I ordered a cheese cake. Never had one, but it was very good. After half an hour, I had to hurry again. This time to the station where my parents would be waiting to go to Tilburg (city in the neighbourhood where my brother lives) because I wanted to buy some records before dinner. Of course I was too late so we missed the train and that was probably the only bad luck on this day. Though, it was more my own fault than bad luck but you see what I mean ;)

I bought some wonderful records (Van Morrison, the sixties, Al Jarreau and Gladys Knight & the Pips (with 'Midnight Train to Georgia' on it, love that song!) and then we went to the Greek where we had a delicious meal. My parents gave me a day shopping (they would pay everything) in Amsterdam including a lunch, some drinks and lots of clothes. I'll visit some vintage stores that's for sure (: My brother gave me season 1 of 'The City' and a book about cities (100 cities you've got to see)

It definitely was a wonderful day. So bad time flies on your birthday. Seventeen is an useless age, but I'm turning 18 on my next birthday! Lovely thought.

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