Wild Young Minds: NEW YORK PART V

Saturday, May 21, 2011


In the morning we went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, a museum I was dying to see. Not only because it's so famous and has a terrific collection, but also because 'Savage Beauty' (exhibition with the work of the late Alexander McQueen) was exhibited this month.

We were very lucky because it was the first day 'Savage Beauty' was open for public. So we were the first, well let's say normal people, who could watch it! I used the term normal people because the night before May 4th (that was Tuesday the 3th indeed) the MET Gala was hosted here. All the celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker, Blake Lively, Karl Lagerfeld, Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and Doutzen Kroes were here. Anna Wintour of VOGUE was one of the hosts of the evening. What would've happened if I just went there to sit before the MET? Even if I had just saw a tiny spot of one of them, I would've fainted, I swear. No just kidding, but it was a total disaster I found out about the gala when I was home... I should be informed better next time...

Anyway, the exhibition was amazing. I've written about it before but it was absolutely beyond all my expectations. It was almost like magic, all those outfits (most of them not wearable at all, though I would give anything to wear them once) on statues. They told a story, about darkness yet beauty. We also saw videos of the shows and accessoires and shoes (like the crab shoes from s/s 2010). I can't find a word to describe it. Very weird to imagine Alexander McQueen himself made those pieces. Also very odd to imagine he killed himself. Somehow you got to know a bit of his soul, by the darkness of some collections he made. Unfortunately, you weren't allowed to take any photos.

I had been at the exhibition the entire time we were in the MET (2 hours) and was sorry there was no time left to see some popart like Andy Warhol. But I figured I could watch that anytime I'm back in NYC, and I will never see this exhibition again.

After we left the MET we were free to go wherever we wanted to go, so we went to Century 21. This was very disappointing, so we were in doubt what to do. I really wanted to go to the East Village, because our teacher had told us there are some very nice vintage stores in that part of town. However, we decided to go to Soho again because we thought we had more chance to succeed over there.

We did buy some very nice things and ate pizza at the end of our shopping spree. We got back to Grand Central Terminal to go to Harlem. We were going to visit Apollo Theatre! An amazing club where stars as James Brown, Ella Fitzgerald, Aretha Franklin and Michael Jackson had began their career.

The host of the evening was a bit annoying but the music was very good. At first a couple of small yet incredibly talented kids performed. Later on the real show started. About 8 people performed and they all did songs we knew, like 'Mustang Sally', 'Respect' and 'I am telling you I'm not going'. The girl who sang the last song (she was almost as good as Jennifer Hudson herself in Dreamgirls) was the winner of the evening. We all got to cheer or call out, very funny to do ;)

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