Wild Young Minds: PARIS PART II

Sunday, May 8, 2011


So to continue where I stopped, we went shopping and had to be in the restaurant around 6 o'clock. But of course Avalon, Fleur and myself all have this problem to be on time. So we were a bit late but it wasn't such a big problem yet (will tell you more later in case you don't understand!) It was a self-service restaurant with very unfriendly personnel and the food wasn't nice either.

In the evening we went to Montmartre, le quartier très pittoresque, where you find the beautiful white church (Sacre Coeur) and the Moulin Rouge. After a short visit in the church we strolled around the quartier for a bit and we saw some souvenir shops and lots of nice French people.

Finally we decided to go for a drink in the middle of the most famous square in Montmartre. We sat on the terrace and ordered an ice-tea. What did we receive? Half a litre. Way too much for me, but enjoyable anyway. Till we received the check. €9,20 for an ice-tea. Were they kidding us? But no, that's completely normal in Paris. We were sitting on one of the most popular terraces of Montmartre, very central, of course. But still, almost 10 bucks for a simple ice-tea? Could've spent our money to clothes, jewelry or records as well!

But no biggies, we were exhausted at the end of the day and actually very pleased to be back in the hotel again.

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