Wild Young Minds: PARIS PART IV

Monday, May 9, 2011


Friday was already our last day. You look forward to this trip for five years (since I began in atheneum 1) and then you're finally in Paris - time flies like a rocket - or something like that. Anyway, we went to Centre Pompidou in the morning which wasn't really special. I had seen it once already and I'm not that into modern art (but I make an exception for Andy Warhol of course). Besides, we were extremely tired. My back hurt and my feet couldn't go any further. We left quite soon and went on our mission. Our mission to find croissants and macarons. Cause there's no trip to Paris without croissants and macarons, right?

Heureusement, we found them. So we ate a croissant and a small macaron. I chose a pink one, it was jam taste. I was sorry I didn't chose the brown one cause that was chocolat. But pink is cuter than brown and that was important as well ;)

We also went everywhere to find a Starbucks, for which we had been looking two days already. Eventually we found one, yippee (: It was already time to go to the Grande Arche where our bus would be at 3 o'clock in the afternoon so we went there. And we sat there. And we had to wait there for almost 2 hours until the bus chauffeur finally arrived. I was so pissed off because it would mean we would be home a lot later and I had to pack my bag for New York. We were going to leave 4 o'clock the same night so I would have about four hours to pack my stuff, take a shower, put all the photos on the computer and say hello to my parents and I had to sleep as well. How was I going to do that? It seemed like an impossible thing to do.

After a run to the bus (I wanted to have a good spot) we sat in the bus for 8 hours and I tried to sleep. Of course I couldn't.

The trip to Paris was very lovely, mais c'était très dommage that it all went by so fast. Also, the trip to New York outshined Paris a bit. So I almost forgot about Paris when I got back to New York. Because hallelujah, how I love New York. More about that tomorrow or the day after tomorrow! Sleep tight xxx

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