Wild Young Minds: PARIS PART I

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Bonjour, mes amis.
Finally my story about 'Paris Nights and New York Mornings'.
I've been busy with lots of things again, but I just had to make some time for this. I've decided to tell you, and more important, show you photos, of my trips in parts because it would be way too long and boring (though you might think, how can NYC be boring) to tell everything at once!

Let's start with Paris.
This was a lovely but short trip. We left at 6 am on wednesday morning and arrived around 12.30 in Paris. We stayed in a hotel in Montparnasse, which wasn't practical at all. We slept with three people in one room, and we had the bathroom in our room. So the shower was basically in the middle of our room and there wasn't any curtain or anything. In addition, the restroom didn't even had a lock. So this was all very troublesome.

Thank god we all enjoyed Paris so much. On this wednesday we made a walk through the city. We started at the Louvre, which is huge, as you'll probably know. We made some photos at the famous pyramid and walked further in the line of the Arc de Carroussel and the obelisk. Meanwhile, we arrived at the Champs-Elysees and dreamed of a live in on of the apartments next to the magnificent, but very expensive, stores. We could already see the Eiffeltower on our left, which is always breathtaking. I only have to see the Eiffeltower, and I'm happy, it's just so typical Paris.

The end of our tour was the Arc the Triomphe, which we climbed so we had a wonderful view over Paris. Later we got some free time and went shopping.

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  1. Haha, die laatste foto, van van die vrouw en dat kindje... Ik heb ook een foto van hun gemaakt xD
    Echt grappig en toevallig xD
    dikke paparazzi wij :p