Wild Young Minds: Peace in the mind is the only way to face this bomber - Selah Sue

Monday, May 23, 2011

Peace in the mind is the only way to face this bomber - Selah Sue

All the lyrics were so strong.
All the songs were so well-sung.
A Belgian blonde with hair like Amy Winehouse
Reggae songs with explosive bombs sung with a soulful voice

Selah Sue gave an fantastic show last night in Eindhoven.
I hadn't heard of her before a couple of months ago, but I fell in love with her album 'Black Part Love'.

After a busy work day I hurried to meet Ramai (with whom I go to every concert) but I had a flat tire. Great, really great to find out on such a moment in such a hurry. Anyway, we walked to the station and took the train to Eindhoven. We ate a quick bite (noodles, always delicious) and walked to the Effenaar. We were just on time because after we had jumped the queue we had a good spot and a few minutes later the support appearance began.

'Chris Berry', the band was called. It was very lovely music, a mix of jazz and blues with some Latino elements. They were Dutch, though the lead singer looked like she was from Spain or Cuba.

And then the moment had arrived. Selah Sue entered the stage. It was really overwhelming. Sounds odd to say that of a small Belgian girl (she did have a huge haircut, a bit like Amy Winehouse, I loved it!) but she blew us all away, it was a bit like magic. She performed the first song without her band, just her and her guitar. Later on, she also did some uptempo songs, and she really had the crazy vibes!

During 'Explanations' (one of my favourite songs of the album), the audience sang the song along very good, and Selah was quite astonished. It was so regrettable when the show was over, because I was really impressed. Selah Sue has her own style and she looked really at ease and self-assured. But, no tears, because I'm seeing her again at Festival Mundial in a few weeks!

'You know, in New York they want me and I'm gonna be there,
there cities calling and I'm gonna be there,
In Paris they want me and I'm gonna be there spreading the vibe' (Raggamuffin - Selah Sue)

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